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NK Communications manufacturers a full line of RF cable from 1/4" to 2 1/4" in diameter that proudly carries the Ohmax brand name. The products are currently manufactured in ISO 9001 and 14001 certified facilities in Finland. To assure instant delivery in different market areas, extensive stock are held in Oslo, Nuremberg, Shanghai, Singapore, Dallas, Mexico City and Sau Paulo as well as by network of stocking distributors.

NK Communications has been manufacturing coaxial cable since the 1940's and foamdielectric coaxial cable since the early 1970's. In 1984 the process of gas injection of foaming, to enhance dielectric properties, was introduced into our RF-1/2" cable. In the early 1990's we introduced our current three-layer dielectric construction to the market. NK's own personnel developed all of these technology innovations.

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The industry's best attenuation values for corrugated cable.
Compatibility with virtually any connector.
High-density polyethylene jacket.
A unique skin-foam-skin construction.
Closed cell foam dielectric.
Coloured cable jackets.
Test reports with each bulk reel.


Antenna feeder cables for frequencies up to 3GHz and higher require an extremely demanding mastery of the manufacturing technology.

There are two main benefits of our special manufacturing techniques. The first is our ability to achieve extremely low attenuation values at the higher operating frequencies. The second is our ability to provide outstanding return loss values throughout the entire range.

NK Communications has developed its own unique physical foam insulation process, which uses environmentally friendly nitrogen as an expander gas. Using this process permits us to attain the lowest attenuation and loss factor values. In gaining the high return loss levels needed the manufacturing process used by NK Communications gives the best possible results. NK Communications has also held ISO-9001 certification since 1992.

Typical applications are:

Base stations for mobile networks
Radio links and CATV systems

NK Communications also manufactures radiating cables, which are designed to facilitate radio communication in conditions where free-space propagation of electro-magnetic waves is impossible. All RF cables can be supplied in flame retardant and/or halogen free versions.

The superb electrical properties of NK Communications' RF cables are based on the high-performance polyethylene foam-dielectric which exhibits both extremely low dielectric losses and a high degree of foaming. Such homogeneous closed-cell foam structures can be achieved thanks to our own unique physical foaming process and special material know-how. The process enables the manufacture of a coextruded three-layer dielectric (skin-foam-skin) where a thin solid inner skin is used for bonding the foam-dielectric to the inner conductor and an outer skin to protect it against moisture penetration and mechanical stress.